Since June of 2005, OYLA has strived to instill a love for the sport of lacrosse like no other in the children and families of Onslow County. Lacrosse is unique because it creates a life long love of the sport. Most lacrosse players are lacrosse players o

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) At what age can my son/daughter start playing lacrosse?
A – Our youngest players, ages 5-6, start with the 6U program. Our regular lacrosse age groups are 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U. Players can start playing lacrosse at any age and we have players start playing lacrosse at all age groups.

2) How do you determine to what age group a player is assigned?
A – We establish a player’s team assignment based on their age on August 31 2017. Please click here for the age guidelines according to US Lacrosse.

3) Where are your games played?
A – We play games in Jacksonville and on various fields in Wilmington, Topsail, New Bern, Havelock, Greenville.

4) When is the lacrosse season?
A – The main (or regular) season is during the Spring. Lacrosse games are played from March until the end of May. Summertime brings additional training, scrimmages, and potential tournaments in which some players may choose to participate. During the fall and winter there are instructional clinics, a few tournaments and a limited "Fall Ball" season.

5) I am interested in coaching, how do I get involved?
A – We encourage any lacrosse enthusiast to become involved. All you have to do is email us at and just tell us you want to be involved.

6) What lacrosse equipment/gear is needed for my son/daughter?
A – There are many online retailers who offer lacrosse equipment, as well as some local retailers. OYLA does not endorse any one retailer, whether online or local. Boys are required to have the following: helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, mouth guard, boy's lacrosse stick, protective cup and cleats. Girls are required to have: goggles, mouth guard, girl's lacrosse stick and cleats. 6U players must have a mouth guard and stick; other protective gear is optional since there is no contact at this level. Please click here for the equipment fitting guide. OYLA does have an equipment rental program available when you register. If you have any questions regarding equipment rental, please email .

7) Does OYLA provide financial assistance?

A - OYLA wants to make it possible for all children to play lacrosse regardless of financial situation. If you or someone you know needs financial assistance with the registration fee, please email or contact a board member. OYLA also provides players the opportunity to borrow equipment for the season.

8) Are lacrosse games played in the rain?
A – Yes, lacrosse is an all weather sport. Unless the weather is extreme, expect games to be played. Your first method for information regarding game day decisions is to contact your team’s coach. Your coach will be in contact with the area rep to determine if the games are going to be played.

Lightning – At the first sighting of lightning, ALL players, coaches and parents will move from the field to an area of safety. Games will not resume until 30 minutes after the last sighting of lightning.

9) Can my son/daughter play lacrosse and soccer/tennis/baseball etc?
A – Obviously the association would prefer your son/daughter concentrate on lacrosse throughout the season, but we realize that many younger players have multiple desires. Please work with your coach regarding practices and games as communication is key.

10) How do I submit photos for display on the website?
A- We are looking for good quality photos of OYLA Lacrosse players of all ages from all OYLA teams. Please submit to 

11)  What is a US Lacrosse Number?

A- US Lacrosse is the leading National body governing youth, High School, and intercollegiate Lacrosse in the United States.  US Lacrosse is our insurance provider. Onslow Youth Lacrosse is a member of this governing body, and adheres to all US Lacrosse rules and regulations.  Almost all organizations in the geographical area require youth lacrosse players to have a current standing and a valid US Lacrosse number.    The annual fee to be a member is $30.00 for 14U and below not in High School.  18U and High School students $35.00 and Adults/Coaches $55.00.  This is an annual one time cost. Your membership will be valid for any tournament play, summer programs, college clinics, college camps, and fall programs for the year.  In addition it will be valid for any other organization that requires it.  No player will be able to practice or compete in games without a current standing.